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I know everyone says it but we really do try and get any part for any car. Whether it's a genuine main dealer part to alternatives like Fram, Mintex etc. 
Plus don't forget we have a great range of tools. You can't do the job without the right tool!
We don't just sell car parts we also supply all the cleaning and accessories you could possibly need. From magic tree air fresheners to tailored mats.
 Have you got an  oil or antifreeze light on? We have all the grades you will possibly need.
Have you got a little dent you need to get rid of ? We have the sand paper, filler etc. So it looks brand new again.
We are more than happy to help, from giving advice on fitting, to the best car washes to use on your pride and joy. Speaking of helpfulness we also supply a free fitting service for our bulbs, batteries and wiper blades. How many places offer that ???
Would you like to know a little more about the shop? How long have we been in business ? Click the about us button.
Feel free to contact us via phone,
email or pop into the shop.
Have a look around and you
might be pleasantly impressed
with the stock we hold.
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So from everyone at Coulsdon Auto Parts & Accessories we look  forward to hearing from you.